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      1. Innovative Martial Arts
        15-1599 Dugald Rd
        Winnipeg, MB

        Live Online Fitness & Martial Arts Training!

        Coronavirus or not we all still need to keep fit, have fun, keep our minds and bodies active and interact with others. All you need is some free space in your home an you're good to go. Learn Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing or a little of both, take part in group fitness classes held live, and recieve direct live feedback from an instructor.

        Train LIVE, over Zoom 6-days a week with classes for solo work, classes to train with family members, and many special pop up live events.

        Click Here for more info.

        Coronavirus Situation

        Big events like this stick with people, every kid will likely remember the time the whole world shut down and they all had to isolate and stay home. Our actions over the next few weeks will play a big part in whether this time is remembered as a time of fear, panic and isolation or of a community coming together to adapt and overcome obstacles.

        We are going to do everything we can to do our part. From online classes to extra material to help keep our martial arts families active, engaged and not feeling isolated.

        Please take the time to find any connection point you can, as we have a lot of things planned on many different platforms. Everything from live workouts and technical training to bullying workshops and nutrition workshops for families.

        This is not a time to panic, we are ahead of the curve in Manitoba, and we will hopefully stay that way. This crisis is an opportunity to grow closer, not spread out and isolate.

        We ask that our martial arts families still make time to train, find a small space in the house and clear some room, throw down puzzle mats if you have them. If you have kids, train with them, it will be an experience they will remember for life in a time like this.

        And support the local community and economy. If you are going to get take out, get it from a locally owned restaurant. If you can, buy gift cards from small businesses, who will be hit hard by this, for later use. Let’s do everything we can to grow together and not isolate from each other.

        Over the next couple days we will be moving all classes online, we will be announcing several special events and workshops to take place online. We will be putting together videos for our families and kids to keep active and engaged and not let physical isolation mean losing connections.

        Please watch your email, our facebook and youtube channels and all other social media platforms. Please download the “Zoom” app on your tablet or laptop as we will be making use of it (it’s free and a lot of schools are using it as well)

        Given the evolution of the situation, government recommendations and the attendance rates for classes we have decided that on location classes are now shutting down. Today we will launch our online classes, so keep an eye on your email and facebook for details.

        Hello, and welcome to Innovative Martial Arts!


        We are proud to provide you with the most comprehensive self-defense curriculum, the highest quality of instructors, the most engaging programs and a warm, beginner-welcoming environment. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible training experience and to have everyone of our members in the best shape of their lives.

        Walk through our doors and speak with our friendly staff and students, and you will see why we are the fastest growing Martial Arts school in Winnipeg.

        We believe that martial arts training changes lives, and we are on a mission to spread this message to our community. The benefits of training at our school go so far beyond just kicking and punching. Every day our students tell us that they have seen improvement in their lives outside the gym – Benefits like self-discipline, confidence, weight-loss, stress reduction, focus and concentration.